Welcome to ERC Law and Mediation Firm’s web page!

ERC Law Firm established by Erol TÜRK in 1975 and grow year by year with a great sucess.Nowadays ERC Firm continue its existince with 2 patrner lawyers who are Erol Turk and Ebru Bastancioglu.

ERC Law & Mediation Firm’s aim is to give best law service by providing fast and efficient solution for its clients with any kind of legal disputes.

At ERC Law & Mediation firm our lawyers are profesional at their interest areas and all of them knows at least one foreign language that makes our law firm global.In additional legal services ERC Law & Mediation Firm making registrations for patents,brands and also giving mediation service which is one of the alternative dispute resolution way which is new in Turkey.

We have strategic partner law firms around the world to provide best solutions for our clients for their international disputes. We provide legal services in Turkish,English and Korean languages nowadays.