We provide legal services to people and companies in the ERC Law & Mediation Firm.Our legal services are written and verbal consultancy,litigation,preparing national and international contracts and yearly legal consultancy.

Written and Verbal Consultancy : Lawyers in ERC Law & Mediation Firm are experienced in the field of advocacy and they are giving written expert reports for the on going disputes at the court.Our written and verbal legal consultancy aims to inform the clients about the disputes that they faced with according to Turkish law and latest decisions of the high courts.With these service our clients become advantages positions by knowing their legal rights before or after the disputes occur. We provide our written consultancy by giving the hard copy or sending by e-mail. Our verbal consultancy can be given by face to face ,telephone, and by personally attend the meeting.

Litigation Nowadays suitcases are going on many years .Totatly completed a suitcase can take one to five years. So that these litigation files need to be follwed by professional lawyers who can take care of the files well otherwise suitcases can be lost by any small negligence.ERC Law&Mediation Firm can take care all suitcases well and can give fast feed back to its client.

Preparing National and International Contracts: As ERC Law &Mediation Firm we are preparing national and international contracts by considering clients need and legal rights.Agreements legally bond the parties who signed it so that it must be prepared by professional lawyers.The agreement which are not prepared by professional lawyers can cause lost of legal rights and can cause economical lost of parties in the future dispute.It is better to take consultancy from lawyers before preparing agreement or signing the agreements.ERC Law&Mediation Firm always ready to help its clients by preparing or controling their contracts.At ERC Law&Mediation firm all the lawyers studied abroad and can prepare both national and international agreements.

Yearly Consultancy Service: : ERC Law&Mediation firm is providing yearly consultancy services to clients by considering clients needs.Our clients can gain many advantages in their business life with the help of ERC Law&Mediation Fim’s yearly consultancy service by knowing their legal rights clearly and on time.